Fine Tip Bottle

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Fine Tip Bottle

To dispense the Neutral PH Adhesive by LINECO in tiny spaces, Karen uses the Fine Tip 18 Gauge Applicator & Bottle. It features a stainless steel dispensing tip for precise application. The unique cap/wire system is non-clogging and air-tight.

Idea: Thanks to customer, Joanne, who shares this tip. Place a damp paper towel in the bottom of a glass jar and place the bottle(s) in the jar while working. The tips will stay unclogged and free-flowing. Remember to re-cap the bottle(s) after your crafting session.



Product Reviews

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    Fine tip bottle - Karen Burneston

    Posted by Brenda on Aug 31st 2021

    I really needed to replace my last one. After so many uses and at least 2 years use. The tip was really in need of replacement. It worked like a charm.

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    Posted by Shirley Stone on Aug 10th 2021

    This fine tip is wonderful for applying ink to intricate die cuts.

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    Fine tip bottle

    Posted by Sylvia STAMENKOVA on Apr 28th 2021

    Can not live without it. Have several spread around my craft area ready to be used.

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    Fine tip bottle and tip

    Posted by Vicki Piasecki on Mar 9th 2021

    Can't say enough of how wonderful this product is. I use on all my glue able projects. I have two and tell all my craft friends about how fantastic this product is. It is a must for paper crafting.

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    Great Glue Bottle

    Posted by Eugena on Jan 25th 2021

    The best feature is the wire that inserts into tip. This wire keeps the glue from blocking the tip.

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    In love

    Posted by Feriba on Nov 18th 2020

    I am so loving this glue bottle , I filled it up and used it right away and it is awesome.

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    Posted by sherry schroedel on Nov 10th 2020

    i love this bottle its great for when you need just a little glue

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    Love the fine tip!

    Posted by Lisa on Sep 5th 2020

    This glue bottle is great for gluing down small areas or getting to the edge easily.

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    Best Glue and Glue Bottle!!! A+

    Posted by Gail on Feb 13th 2020

    I have tried several glue bottles and glues - Karen B Fine Tip and extra yellow tip needles and glue bottles are the best! I own 4 bottles and 2 extra yellow tips - the glue is the best ever as well - good value for your money-- easy to unclog the needle if needed and placing the bottle upside down in a glass jar with a paper towel during crafting works great! Now go buy you some!