Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your shipping policy?

Our products ship USPS by the most economical option from our Kansas office. Prices are calculated at checkout. Even though we are speedy fast - please allow 5 - 7 business days to process your order. 

What are Pop Points?

Pop Points is the customer loyalty program that we have! You earn Pop Points by doing different things. You get Pop-Points for signing up, points when it’s your birthday and for every dollar when you place an orders. When you accumulate enough points, you can spend them on items like money off your order or free shipping. It will notify you when you have enough to spend. You can find out more by clicking the button that says "rewards" on our home page in the lower right corner.

 Which die cutting machine should I use?

Our dies are wafer thin metal cutting dies, compatible with most major die cutting machines. Check with your machine’s manufacturer for the proper sandwich to cut (and optionally emboss) a wafer-thin die. 

Are the pop-up dies easy to assemble?

Absolutely! Ease, function and versatility are our guiding principles for design. With our dies you’ll get from paper to pop-up in no time, leaving you plenty of time for decorating. Check out the Videos and Instructions pages for easy-to-follow directions 

Aren’t pop-up cards just for kids?

Pop-up cards are for everybody! They are like a little bit of magic in every card. They’re fun to make, fun to give, and fun to receive. Plus, handmade pop-up cards normally end up on display while the recipient marvels and brags about your talent. How cool is that?

More! I want more! How often are new dies released?

Our goal is to release new products three times a year. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page so you stay informed of new product releases. 

Can Karen come teach at my local store?

We would love to look into it! Store owners may inquire by sending an e-mail to info@karenburniston.com.

What is your wholesale policy?

Our wholesale policy is as follows:

    • Minimum opening orders are $150.00 and two each.
    • Reorders are $50.00. 
    • Wholesale pricing will be available after account is created. 
    • You must provide your Tax ID number

Please NOTE: Our product is a niche education-based product and as such, we only offer wholesale accounts to stores with a paper crafting focus.

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale from KB Riley then please email us at info@karenburniston.com and you will be given your wholesale login information.


Karen Burniston Angel Policy and Copyright Info

© 2017-2024 Karen Burniston for KB Riley, LLC. All Rights Reserved. All die designs and images on this website are copyrighted. No unauthorized use of any designs or photographs is permitted.  

Howdy, my fellow craftepreneurs! Everyone loves to turn a beloved hobby into a little cash, and I’m all for it! So let’s talk about how our two businesses can benefit from my products and your talent. When you purchase a Karen Burniston product you are welcome to use it for all sorts of commercial ventures so long as your customers, in buying what you’re selling, are more likely to purchase their own Karen Burniston product rather than less likely. Make sense? 

So I am absolutely encouraging you to put those dies to money-making use for:

  • Handmade cards to sell at craft fairs, boutiques, Etsy shops, etc. You do not need to label every card to identify the Karen Burniston product(s), but please include it in your online description. For example “Card made using Karen Burniston die set(s)” No mechanical reproduction of the pieces is allowed - each piece must be hand cut.

  • Ready-to-assemble kits for clubs, online classes, in-person classes, make ’n takes, etc. This means kits to complete a fully-decorated project. You are welcome to base your class projects on any of my videos, packaging or gallery projects so long as you identify the inspiration in your handout/kit materials and social media promotion. (I grant this permission only for Karen Burniston projects, not for any projects made by Design Team members - you’ll need to approach them directly for permission) You must also include a kit supply list that identifies each Karen Burniston product by name and item number. No mechanical reproduction of the pieces is allowed - each piece must be hand-cut. 

  • Classes and Make ’n Takes where the students use your dies to cut their pieces. Sure! Go for it, but just as a tip from me, supervise the process carefully. You’ll be surprised how easily shared supplies end up damaged or lost in a class setting.

Here’s what you can’t do:

  • Compete with me on my own designsHow can you tell? Just step back and ask whether what you’re making is promoting my product or if it’s competing with it. Here are some examples:

    • No cutting the dies into blank cardstock, putting them in hang packs and selling them as ready-to-decorate. 

    • No creating electronic cut files based on my designs and then giving them away or selling them.

If you have any questions we haven't answered, feel free to email or call!! Our offices are open from 9 am - 6 pm CST.